Words, words, words


Not that you’ve had many lately. Sorry about that. Got through latest chemo session on Monday-Tuesday. Went ok, but an almost unbearable 6 hours plus 2 hours travel made for a very tiring day. Now going through the dreaded 5 days of steroids. That knocks me round more than the other chemicals, so much so that I find it impossible to do the deep and meaningful sustained creative writing of the kind you have come to expect.

I can tweet though, keep my scrambled brain, usually, on track long enough to write a shallow but meaningful 25 words or so. Follow me @watermelon_man if you don’t already – 2767 followers can’t be wrong. Well they can I suppose, but probably not ALL of them eh?

Speaking of twitter. It began in 2006. The US Library of Congress in 2010 took on the role of archiving. It has so far archived 170 billion tweets to April 2010  (since 2006), but new tweets are now growing at a staggering rate of 500 million a day! (). Hard to see how they can ever catch up.

Made me think though. I’ve now contributed over 50,000 of those tweets. Plus there are hundreds of millions of blogs, Facebook and all the rest. Plus all the traditional tv and radio, and even more traditional newspapers, magazines, books.  Facts, half-truths, lies, analysis, propaganda, research, press releases, entertainment are spewing out in what must be many billions a day now.

No one can keep up with a tiny fraction of that. So we get our information from a few sources we can keep up with. If we are lucky, and have chosen wisely, we get good information. If not then not. GIGO as we used to wisely say in the early computer age.

But what are you doing, still contributing to this text tsunami of words, I hear you ask. And a good question. I have stopped keeping a diary after over 20 years. Pointless, I decided, last year, thousands of scribbled, illegible words no one would read. Have stopped writing a weekly column for local newspaper after 8 years, and yesterday handed over the editorship of our little local monthly magazine I’ve edited for five years. “Simplify, simplify” said Thoreau, and I have.

But I’ll keep tweeting, and blogging, away. Good way to keep my mind ticking over if not exactly at its full throttle past. Excellent way to keep in touch with, interact with, learn from, make friends and, perhaps, influence people all over the planet.

My Word.