Author of books ‘The Encyclopaedia of Aboriginal Australia’, ‘The Pure State of Nature’, and ‘Recovering the Tracks’, the map “Aboriginal Australia”, plus hundreds of academic articles, and many hundreds more newspaper columns and, recently, blogs. Formerly on “ABC The Drum” and Huffington Post. Is interested in writing, politics, the media, biology, conservation, family history, sheep, astronomy, collecting old books and prints, old china, good television. Has been a professional zoologist, archaeologist, book publisher, farmer, writer, some simultaneously. He has a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Science with Honours, a Master of Science, a Doctor of Philosophy, and a Doctor of Letters. All that, and more, can be read about here.
He can be contacted at greenviews (at) optusnet (dot) com (dot) au.

All my earlier blog writing is here.

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  1. Today was the first time I’d heard of you-via a link posted by a reader of I have to admit I am bitterly hostile to the rural lobby and their death-defying stupidity.

    I know there always exceptions to the general perception of others, BUT, don’t the farmers learn from their history? Don’t they know the National Country Party is only interested in helping the big irrigators? More payola that way. Don’t they know Barnaby Joyce has an IQ of twenty?

    I spent many years growing up on what used to be a rural property but which was subsequently taken over as a national park and my late husband had a property close to Melbourne which is now residential. And when I see the blind greed and vacuous carryings on by the Blucher Boot Syndrome I despair.

    We have something in common. We are both atheists-I’m a very vocal one.


    • David Horton says:

      Hi Venise, thanks for dropping by, call again soon.

      In answer to your question – it is a bit like the tea partiers in US fighting to reduce the taxes of billionaires because thy all think that one day they too might be a billionaire. Country folk apparently think that one day they might be a giant irrigator.


      • Hey don’t tar all country folk with the same brush! I choose to live in beautiful rural vic. Grew up in the Wimmera, lived all over the country and be some weird fate I’m back. We are not all as you describe! I can say similar things about urbanites/burbies but I choose not to!


  2. Hi, David, I’m putting you on my blog roll, thanks for putting me on yours!

    Glad you enjoyed my stuff – I’m so delighted at the responses, most of them, a few familiars want to set my hair on fire, but I’ve got the extinguisher handy. Clearly I touched a nerve out there.

    Take care, and very best wishes, Jennifer


  3. Trev says:

    Good morning David
    Thought you may be interested to read the following. It’s quoted from a book called Denial: History Betrayed by Tony Taylor, Melbourne University Press. Not surprisingly I suppose, his description of deniers of history fits perfectly those who deny the science of AGW.

    “A composite picture now begins to emerge of deniers as individuals or groups who, in making fake claims, frequently display behaviour and opinions consistent with deep-seated prejudice, including: belief in the wickedness of others, the infallibility of self and the supremacy of right-minded authority; vindictive attacks on supporters of opposing points of view; obsessive fear, to the point of neuroticism, of attack, while attacking others; stubborn refusal to believe widely accepted rational explanations for past events; defence of their position through actions that, at worst, may include violence, and, at least, may include a vexatious form of litigation; re-emphasis on the strength of their beliefs while rationalising away rebuttals in order to cope with contradictions in their own convictions; and overweening egotism combined with an inability to see themselves as others see them”.


  4. [...] between how journalists perceive their profession and how it is perceived by commentators. David Horton explains [...]


  5. Jeff says:

    Hi David
    Still doing a great job, hope all is well. Ee By Gum the pictures look great.


  6. Helen Brennan says:

    Hi David,
    Found you via your writings on March in March, Canberra, All Hail fellow MiMer and thinker! Not surprisingly a well presented account of the base of the MiM movement. Hope to catch up soon,


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