Winter Holiday


Latest instalment in lymphoma’s two-year battle with me yesterday. A passing out parade with my Commanding Officer Oncologist. Apparently I am passed fit to return to the real world, not to see her again for three months, a winter holiday from hospitals and doctors. And, nice as she is, that suits me!

So there we are. The two extra serves of nastier chemical rations have done their thing. Physical examination confirms my last PET scan – nothing going on in my lymph system as far as it is humanly possible to tell (always remembering that you are never cured, just in remission). My blood and body however do reflect the ravages of chemotherapy, and it’s going to take some time to feel relatively normal again.

But good news, no doubt, been lucky when so many are not. Means I can stop thinking of myself as a cancer patient, and go back to thinking of myself as someone who happens to have cancer.

As you were – stand at ease.

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11 comments on “Winter Holiday

  1. Lindy Bryant says:

    That’s such great news. Congrats on remission! You write beautifully even while really ill. Looking forward to even more ascerbic tweets!


  2. Joy Cooper says:

    Excellent news, David, that is great to hear. Do hope you will have a wonderful, restorative winter.


  3. Ros says:

    As the daughter of a WW2 vet who does not like (hates?) Anzac day and all it stands for (hypocrisy of politicians who send young men and women to pointless wars, then attend and weep at dawn services on April 25th. Ughh), I am delighted to now think of it as the day you wrote, with quite the military tone, “As you were – stand at ease.” Happy and relieved to know we all have you around for a long time to come.


  4. Eric Snyder says:

    Great news David! Here’s to your body to speedily regain its strength and fortitude!!


  5. Burrinjuck Greenie says:

    Good on you David!


  6. Don says:

    Anzac day! What if “they” declared war and nobody, from anywhere, came. Imagine (Lennon)! Analogy – the “cancer” sends out the call but no cell joins in. I think that some lateral thinking in medical research is exploring this. Anyway, that’s all very well – David, you had no choice but to go to war. Great news on the result.


  7. Good news – “stand at ease” indeed, enjoy and stay safe


  8. j4gypsy says:

    Amazingly wonderful news Mr Melon. Your ease is ours. Many blessings.


  9. Now that makes me warm and happy and grateful. May your remission last a hundred years (you can take the woman out of Ireland etc…)


  10. Jan Solomon says:

    Thanks, David, am very happy to stand at ease! I am pleased & relieved to hear the news . Just keep it that way! Hope you are enjoying this beautiful autumn weather.


  11. paul walter says:

    Excellent news..Keep on punching!


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