Concentrates the mind



Had tests this week and saw oncologist today to get results. I went in expecting to be hung in the morning, but it seems the reports of my demise were somewhat exaggerated.

Test results show I am in the clear for now. So two more reduced intensity chemotherapy treatments (one next Wednesday) then a program of monitoring – indefinitely or unless symptoms recur.

I’m not cured (there is no cure) and at the level of refinement of the tests I can’t say it has gone completely. But it has clearly been knocked down to a level which should give me some reasonably solid respite (though impossible to say whether this will be measured in months or years) from treatment. Also means that I don’t have to contemplate an alternative especially vile kind of treatment involving stem cells.

Best news I have had in the two years since initial treatment began!

You could raise a cup of kindness, or its nearest equivalent, to me, wherever you are. Your kind support over these two difficult years has been important and much appreciated.

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26 comments on “Concentrates the mind

  1. David Donovan says:

    Great news!!

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  2. Janet (Polyquats) says:

    That’s really good news, David. Enjoy the respite.
    *Raises glass* Cheers.


  3. j4gypsy says:

    Hey, lovely Mr Melon, je suis doin’ cartwheels with happiness pour toi, and for all those who adore all that you so generously, amazingly, give us. Hugs :)))))


  4. Ron Williams says:

    Fabulous news David..


  5. roshart1 says:

    Ah, dear David. As I read this I already had a glass of pinot grigio in hand – so here’s to you, and to your reprieve. I do like sharing this planet with the likes of your good self. Keep shining, dear Melon. xx


  6. Burrinjuck Greenie says:

    Good show old fruit, great news


  7. I do indeed raise a glass in your honour, David. Congratulations. The world is a little brighter tonight.


  8. fred says:

    Great news, looking forward to lots more posts.


  9. That’s really wonderful news David! Keep up the good work!


  10. Rob Coughlan says:

    Good to hear David. I don’t always comment but really look forward to your clearly thought out comments. A tiny piece of brightness in a morass of irrational comment. Enjoy the wellness and I’ll drink a fine red to your health.


  11. Eric Snyder says:

    Stellar news David! Of all the things I might be in disagreement with you on, your good health is certainly not one of them! Here’s to many more “chemo-free” years of enjoying life and stimulating our thinking!!


  12. Graeme says:

    Good news.

    I’ll raise a glass to you tonight.


  13. Iain Davidson says:

    Great news. More Watermelon blogs.


  14. Judy and Roger says:

    We are very glad to hear your news David. Here’s to many years ahead of ‘reprieve’. And maybe you will find the energy to breed a few more sheep or plant a tree.


  15. Joy Cooper says:

    This is genuinely good news, David. May it continue to be so. Am raising a glass of the finest rainforest-filtered Rocky Creek Dam water to you.


  16. sue Flatman says:

    Wonderful news David, have been following your cryptic comments. This is so heart warming


  17. Mindy says:

    Excellent excellent news! Long may your good news last.


  18. Buff McMenis says:

    So pleased for you and yours, Melon Man .. and bloody pleased for all the very many, many friends you have through various outlets that raise that cup of cheer with you and for you! We can’t really do without you .. we’d miss you too much!


  19. Just read your post David, am very happy for you friend. Onwards and upwards, may the good news keep coming
    David Len….


  20. Susan Joy says:

    Just started following you on Twitter and your Blog. Thank you David, in this world of superficiality and greed it’s wonderful to read your ‘spot on’ tweets. Just started catching up on all your writings. Will need a few hours for that. Good news on your latest health results. Cancer certainly focuses the mind – face each day as it comes, just live it; but it sure is scary at times.


  21. Colin Samundsett says:

    “A cup of kindness” – indeed it’s well deserved


  22. Geoff Gray says:

    David I am so pleased. We were away most of last year. I have lost your email – telstra cleaning up bigpond!


  23. jan says:

    Glad to read this blog David! + everyone’s replies. I certainly appreciate the fact you kept blogging even when you were hooked up. Hope the rest of the family are well. Am thinking of you even though I don’t make much comment on your blogs.


  24. paul walter says:

    You are too tough. Even the cancer doesn’t want to tangle with you.


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