Like a circle in a spiral


Just to get you up to date with progress. My last chemo cycle was before Xmas. Should have had the next one about two weeks ago, but the oncologist couldn’t decide whether another condition I developed about a year ago was related to the Lymphoma and or would be exacerbated by the chemotherapy. So she trotted me off last week for more tests and the excitement of yet another different medical waiting room (this one with walls covered in cricket memorabilia and photos). The new specialist (not much older, it seemed, than someone who could be my grandson) decided that while my very advanced years were indeed contributing to whatever had triggered this problem last year, neither the lymphoma nor the chemotherapy were. However, unless it dramatically worsened, he didn’t want to treat the condition with a minor operation until my chemotherapy course was complete later in the year.

So, good news bad news, no additional medical mucking around, but on the other hand fit for chemotherapy. Felt like a young British or Commonwealth man in 1914 assessed as being fit and healthy enough to go off to the trenches in France and be shot at. The cycles resume early Monday morning, back to the three weekly cycles for some indeterminate period (although given that the first two seem to have been effective to at least some extent, as well as turning me into a totally bald person and some other nasty side effects, I’m hoping it won’t be more than about 5 months).

And there you have it, back to where it all began nearly 2 years ago. As if I have been cycling away, beating Lance Armstrong, only to discover I was on an exercise cycle and had gone precisely nowhere. As does Lance I suppose.

Time to grin and bear it, bit of a laugh ha ha ha, One day at a time, not thinking about the triumphant ride up the Champs Elysees in July, nor the triumphant wave to the oncology nurses in June.

Come along for the ride with me, once again.