Be careful out there


Started writing a long, complicated post about how “New Year” was as meaningless as birthdays because they are both artificial points in a time continuum and you can’t characterise particular years because mixture of stuff, and yada yada yada.

But I took pity on you all and scrapped it. Here we are, another year rolling out, another year rolling in. Thank you all for your keen interest and warm support in 2012, and I hope we all have a good, better, best year this year.

So, off you go, embrace 2013, but Hey!

Be careful out there.

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7 comments on “Be careful out there

  1. Iain Davidson says:

    Bloggers’ convergence:

    May the new year bring you good things, David.


  2. Adam F says:

    Good one David. Carry on 2013.


  3. Marion Groves says:

    Happy new year David! May 2013 bring you good health & happiness x


  4. Eric Snyder says:

    Best wishes for improved health in 2013 David!


  5. roshart1 says:

    Happy New Year to you, David. I have become very fond of that dear old watermelon face popping up every day, being sharp, smart, snappy and sassy, May my delight be enhanced further by you being in good health throughout 2013. All best wishes to you.


  6. dermotsmyth says:

    Many thanks for another year of thoughtful & provocative social commentary, political analysis, scientific updates, plantentary laments and relentless anti-conservative diatribes. This blog-consumer would also appreciate the occasional nod to the cultural selection & evolutionary processes underlying the events you describe and to which your inspired commentary and passionate rants contribute.

    Wishing you an ever healthier 2013 & beyond. Meanwhile, I recommend adding Patagonia to your bucket list – just below Galapagos (and well above a test match @ Lords)

    (in Patagonia until end January)


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