Plus ca change, plus ca change


* The more CO2 in the air the more coal, oil, gas we dig and drill.
*The more the oceans are ruined the more fish we catch.
*The more frequent and disastrous are marine oil spills the more rapid the development of offshore oil drilling.
*The more the forests are degraded the more clearing, logging, shooting, grazing we introduce.
*The more the Great Barrier Reef begins to collapse the more shipping we send through it.
*The more species head towards extinction, the more habitat destruction, hunting, poaching.
*The more concern about pests and weeds the more introductions of GMO.
*The less farmland available the more mining is approved in it.
*The more cancer rates rise the more carcinogenic chemicals we pump into our homes, air, food.
*As energy use strangles the planet more and more energy guzzling devices are invented and sold.
*The more the rivers dry up the more the irrigators take from them.
*The more fire damages the environment the more it is introduced into the environment.
*The more the world drowns in waste the more plastic crap is produced and wrapped in excessive packaging.
*The more obvious the dangers of nuclear power become the louder the cries for its greater use.
*The greater the need for environmental protection and regulation the faster the removal of existing protections.
*The clearer the coming planetary catastrophe the greater the refusal to accept the evidence for it.

It’s almost as if we were hell-bent on wrecking the joint.

9 comments on “Plus ca change, plus ca change

  1. f1retree says:

    A few thoughts of my own re plus ca change David.

    The greater the corruption in government ranks the more it flourishes. Ditto big business.
    The more that ethics classes are promoted in schools the more religious and right wing fringe groups fight it.
    The greater the success of the arts in our culture the more the government attacks them (TAFE and education generally).

    What alien civilisation in their right minds what want to start relations with Earth and its people at the present time. Better to wait a thousand years or so while this lot suffers the necessary dieback and the planet recovers somewhat.


  2. Buff McMenis says:

    So in other words the better it will be for the planet and every other animal or entity the sooner we do ourselves out of the picture! Sad, isn’t it? We could have had a really good life here.


  3. Keith Woolsey says:

    just a mob of mindless vandals, lets see if we can find another planet to stuff up


  4. Eric Snyder says:

    Yep, you pretty much described the human condition. Basically, we are a self centered, greedy, prideful, untruthful, murderous, covetous and thieving species of folks. It’s as though if there weren’t laws against most of these things, we’d all be hunkered down in a cave trying to protect our selves and our possessions.

    It’s kind of unusual that there is anything good about people. A bit surprising to find hospitals, orphanages, educational institutions, charitable and welfare organizations in place where humans can serve other humans.


  5. Alan Phillips says:

    Jared Diamond in ‘The Rise and Fall of the Third Chimpanzee’ considered the possibility that man is pre-wired for his own destruction. It certainly looks that way. Greed and destruction appear to be built into our psyche. Perhaps nature will somehow cure the earth of the disease (us) that is ravaging its surface. It has done so in the past, and could easily do so again.


  6. debbiep says:

    Is man not a virus? It acts like one.


  7. roshart1 says:

    Tu as raison. Encore une fois, you’ve nailed it. Inspite of it all, thank you for not giving up on it (the planet) – and on us, David. While people like you keep thinking and writing, and refusing to cease raging against the inequities, the stupidity, the cruelty and the greed amongst humans, hopelessness loses its power.


  8. And here’s an odd little corollary. Whenever he has a chance to make a difference, Obama goes on holiday to Hawaii. He did this during a critical gun control debate in Illinois when he was a member of the State Legislature and his vote could have saved the bill. Now he has done it again on the eve of the ‘fiscal cliff’.
    But on a brighter note, I believe we will muddle through – we always have, always will, and will live to tell the story – and will promptly forget it again, until next time.


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