Gunna go now


An update. After two cycles of this new round of chemotherapy I have lost all my hair (which didn’t happen last year) and am getting nasty side effects on bone and muscle. I feel like my status has subtly changed, from being an ordinary person who just happened to be having cancer treatment, to being a fully unfledged cancer patient. Apparently though I still “look well” so that’s ok then.

Anyway, while the sainthood (aka oncology doctors and nurses) were working away, saving lives, making people more comfortable, CARING (in both senses); elsewhere in the world, arseholes with guns were slaughtering health workers in Pakistan and schoolchildren in America. And uber-arsehole, Wayne LaPierre, president of the National Rifle Arseholes, was proposing ever more guns to stop the gun carnage. Tell you what Wayne, there are no guns in oncology wards.

As always the rest of the world watches the behaviour of the American and Pakistan branches of the Taliban in stunned incomprehension. I am currently, briefly, reading the latest Janet Evanovich [look, I know, I know right. It's the literary equivalent of fairy floss- sugary, sickly and all the same. I can't imagine anyone, anywhere, having a complete set of Evanovich. But, in my defence, it is something my brain can currently cope with, and, more importantly, it was only $3 in a book remainder shop]. Something that struck me once more, especially in the week of Newtown, is that in this fairy floss book of “fun”, guns are on almost every page. Lovingly described, carried as if it was most natural thing in world, a part of every household, every outfit. Nowhere else in the world could such a treatment of guns in such a context be written. And nowhere else except in Pakistan could people not only slaughter women health workers, working hard to inject children to save them from the scourge of Polio, but proudly boast about having done so.

Anyway. Those are my thoughts on a Saturday morning. Since it is Saturnalia time, my next post may be seasons greetings, or I may finish my substantive post on guns first. Who can foretell the future (as the Mayans might say)? Gunna go now. See you later.

7 comments on “Gunna go now

  1. Stephen Tuck says:

    So very well expressed David I am so lucky that I grew out of the gun stage in my life as a child, cops and robbers, cowboys and indians. I have never met you but you are in my thoughts daily as you stand up against the invader in your body.
    I wish you all the very best for now and the future.


  2. Jocelyn Speight says:

    I have to say that I love Janet Evanovich’s work. I have only just discovered her stories because my husband insisted I have a kindle, which I fought strongly against having, but now I take with me everywhere I go. I have about 20 or more of her stories on my kindle, and am up to number 7. The totally insane way her characters behave with their guns makes me laugh out loud, usually while sitting in the doctor’s waiting room, which usually leads to conversations with total strangers, who are also waiting. So, if you enjoy her stories and they make you laugh, keep it up, because they say laughter is very good for your health, and there is absolutely nothing we can do about the ridiculous love affair the Yanks have with their guns. I have to say I also really enjoy your tweets. Thank you.


  3. Eric Snyder says:

    Sorry to hear the chemo’s difficult David but we can hope it’s harder on the cancer cells than it is on you; hope it kills them all! Glad to hear you’re getting good care, hang tough.


  4. Kerry Seebohm says:

    Keep fighting David. Don’t worry about the hair, I lost mine three decades ago.
    Don’t dwell too much on the evil in the world now, just think of number 1 now and enjoy the Festive Season as much as you can.
    Many people wish you well mate.


  5. David Horton says:

    Astonishingly, in light of my comment above, just came across this about a cancer patient on way to treatment being shot ths year!


  6. Colin Samundsett says:

    “I shot an AK47/M17/Colt 45/Glok/— into the air; it fell to earth I know what where”. With a few million of such items floating around indiscriminately in the “land of the free, home of the (?)”, a bit of collateral damage is to be expected more often than not.


  7. I could not agree more dear David. One must be a bigot headed uneducated bastard or a true asshole to talk about “self defence” when people cannot stop murdering each other.

    Also, please get well soon dear sir.


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