Bucketing Down


These are the times when a young man’s thoughts lightly turn to Bucket Lists. Here’s a start of one for me, restricted to a mere 25. How does it compare to yours?

Burgess Shale
Californian Redwoods
Gads Hill
Grand Canyon
Kew Gardens
Lords Ashes Test
Machu Picchu
Magdalen College Library
Mozart concert in Salzburg
Orient Express
Sonoran Desert
Trans-Siberia Express
Water Orton

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11 comments on “Bucketing Down

  1. j4gypsy says:

    Dear Mr Melon, have you ticked anything off the wonderful list, as yet, or are all to come?


  2. David Horton says:

    No, all to come. I didn’t include places I have been to already (including many Australian ones) which would otherwise have been on it. Such as York, Stonehenge, Loire Valley…


  3. Mindy says:

    That is a mighty fine list. Now that you have taken a break from your column you might get more time to travel I hope :)


  4. Emily says:

    Oooh! Great list. The Orient Express is a definite Bucket List item for me. In fact so is Banff.


  5. A great list! And I’ve reblogged it. Some of yours are already off mine, but that by pure luck and lifelong susceptibility to the travel bug. I’d love to join you for the Mozart concert in Salzburg :) I’d add the Custer National Battlefield Site in Montana, useful as a memorial to the primacy of idiocy over common sense…


  6. Buff McMenis says:

    12 matches, my friend .. some of which are really only wishes these days as the legs won’t really do Macchu Picchu and there is no wish to see deserts of any name, but the Louvre and Lords Test are essentials. Then again, I need to win Lotto first to pay for the 1st Class Air fares and two nurses for the 6 months I would be away. We can dream …


  7. Colin Samundsett says:

    Only one real match, David. Sorry; and that is not the Mozart Festival – Salzburg in winter freezes it out. Otherwise, there are so many wonderful places that, at their best, would at one time have filled me with delight; but, similar to a glorious Gorgonzola Cheese that has become severely over-ripe – the evidence of needless degradation during my own lifetime would fill me with sadness.
    Kew Gardens is the stand-out exception: the glory of not only what it is; but also of civilized action in fostering its prosperity. It beckons – but remains beyond my horizon.


    • David Horton says:

      Hi Colin, sure you are right, things fall apart, decay all around. Probably just as well my list will almost certainly remain armchair travel for the mind, when I see things as they used to be.


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