Now it looks as though


[Latest bulletin from the frontline of the War Against Lymphoma by our Special Correspondent]

OK, well it’s once more unto the cannula, dear friends (see last three chapters of “Dream”, tab above, and a couple of recent posts for the story so far). The tests last week showed that not only has the Lymphoma indeed come back, but it is now more extensive than it was 18 months ago before original treatment began. On the plus side tests also showed my heart was game for anything, bring it on, do your worst. Consequently the Oncologist can confidently line up some bigger chemotherapy guns and let fly.

This all starts again next Wednesday (followed by another session 3 weeks later, then a review, followed by either more of same, or something completely different). Spread over two days for safety, and two bloody long sessions. I may not be feeling much better than the Light Brigade after facing the Russian Artillery in the Crimea after that, but we’ll see. I will try the odd dispatch from the frontline, depending.

Half a league, half a league,
Half a league onward

23 comments on “Now it looks as though

  1. Selma says:

    Wishing you all the best. You’ll be in my thoughts.


  2. Buff McMenis says:

    Just say “Shit” in every language you can think of .. I’m sure there’s a translation for the word in every language! Thinking of you, matey ..


  3. debbiep says:

    As you must Soldier on David through all this march with strength and positivity . And may that hold you high.


  4. j4gypsy says:

    You’re dear, Mr Melon, in all words and wit. Bugger half a league. There will be thousands!! Oh and ‘Merde!’, is a start on your diverse linguistical collection of ‘shit!’ exclamations. xx


  5. Team Oyeniyi says:

    Best wishes David. Many will be thinking of you.


  6. linsarmel says:

    Nothing I can think of to say doesn’t sound trite or cliched or maternal. So best of luck, David


  7. f1retree says:

    My charming eldest daughter, aged 9 or so, once said to her granny as we were passing a cemetery somewhere down the south coast, quote:
    Yes dear.
    Do you know why there are gravestones in there.
    No dear, why.
    Its for the people being good under the ground, (‘being good’ meaning behaving themselves as you no doubt gather)
    Dear David, I sincerely hope that you remain above the ground for as long as possible and continue to behave as you always have, outraged at some the madness that passes for civilised behaviour.


  8. Margaret Foley says:

    You have a mighty heart David!! We are all thinking of you with respect and affection.


  9. Jan Dobson says:

    I’m thinking “Bugger”, I’m wishing I knew words that could help and I know that I’m only one of many hoping for the very best for you.


  10. miranda_maybe says:

    Kick that thing right where it hurts ! We will be here to listen, entertain, heckle and anything else you may fnd us useful for.


  11. Space Kidette says:

    Sending you all the positive vibes Melon. You are as gutsy as they come so there is no doubt this is another fight you will win. x


  12. Judy and Roger says:

    Hang in there David. We are thinking of you.

    Judy and Roger Frankenberg


  13. DendyAmusing says:

    Sorry to hear that David.

    I can only echo the comments above about respect and affection.


  14. Mick says:

    Give it hell.. and good luck


  15. fyrefyta says:

    Give it hell.. and good luck


  16. Jane Cattermole says:

    So so sorry to hear that David. You’ve been on my mind lately as I knew were having tests…was hoping for better news. Not much I can add to the above sentiments other than you have demonstrated courage in spades and I hope it helps you in the fight of your life. Take Care David, we’re all with you. I hope you can feel it somehow. #fuckcancer



  17. David says:

    David I echo all the good thoughts and vibes to you. As my my Maori friends back home say Kia Kaha, be strong.


  18. Keith Woolsey says:

    Good luck David, beat the bugger


  19. dafid1 says:

    Like to join with everyone else David in wishing you all the best in getting over this hurdle. You have proved yourself a determined guy. As my Maori friends back home would say Kia Kaha (Be Strong)


  20. andrewelder says:

    “Was there a man dismay’d?” News like this would crush a lesser man, but present arms and hope you’ll come out through those jaws of hell.


  21. Eric Snyder says:

    Along with everyone else David, best wishes (prayers in my case!) for a speedy recovery from the chemo and a lasting remission from the lymphoma. Not really sure how much “grit” plays into this but you definitely have enough to win if it does!


  22. muntzpayne says:

    I had a habit of using the adage, ‘may it never fester’ but unfortunately in your case it has, so I shall reform my thinking ‘ may it desist rapidly’, and with little discomfort.
    Wishing you well.
    bob muntz


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