Now it looks as though


[Latest bulletin from the frontline of the War Against Lymphoma by our Special Correspondent]

OK, well it’s once more unto the cannula, dear friends (see last three chapters of “Dream”, tab above, and a couple of recent posts for the story so far). The tests last week showed that not only has the Lymphoma indeed come back, but it is now more extensive than it was 18 months ago before original treatment began. On the plus side tests also showed my heart was game for anything, bring it on, do your worst. Consequently the Oncologist can confidently line up some bigger chemotherapy guns and let fly.

This all starts again next Wednesday (followed by another session 3 weeks later, then a review, followed by either more of same, or something completely different). Spread over two days for safety, and two bloody long sessions. I may not be feeling much better than the Light Brigade after facing the Russian Artillery in the Crimea after that, but we’ll see. I will try the odd dispatch from the frontline, depending.

Half a league, half a league,
Half a league onward