Thief in the Night


That old devil Lymphoma is back, seeking revenge for the nasty things I did to him last year. Seems he sneekily started rummaging around my lymph nodes again in about February, causing all the health problems I’ve had this year, while they, conversely, masked his presence, like a thief in the night under cover of darkness.

So instead of the minimum 3-5 years before recurrence the treatment was meant to ensure, I got just 3-5 months. Feel a bit short-changed, you might say.

More tests next week, the following week a decision about how to urgently deal, necessarily much more aggressively and nastily this time, with the re-intruder, without causing too much damage to the rest of me. A man, after all, is more than the sum of his lymph nodes.

I simply don’t know how much I will feel, mentally or physically, like blogging in the near future. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

Take care.

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24 comments on “Thief in the Night

  1. Snowy says:

    Sorry to hear this David. Hope you’re soon back sticking it up those who need to be stuck up. My brother in law developed Hodgkins disease some 44 years ago. He’s now in his early eighties.


  2. linsarmel says:

    Dear David
    I am so sorry to hear your news. You take care of yourself. I hope the ‘cure’ is able to be tolerated ok. And the fatigue and nausea don’t get you down. I hope that twitter might be a distraction for you as I love your ‘Do I understand correctly…’ And ‘Just to clarify…’

    Best wishes David


  3. Team Oyeniyi says:

    David, I am so sorry to hear this. Keep your spirits up and please let us know how you go. Best wishes for a new remission.



  4. debbiep says:

    David, your title made me think of the Wolfmother song . As I find words hard to say I hope you find meaning in the verses of that song with one or two words changed, by me….

    ‘So I’ll tell you David the story
    about the joker and the thief of the night

    Always laughing in the midst of power
    always living in the final hour
    there is always sweet in sour

    So, you’re not on your own

    Can you see the joker flying over
    as she’s standing in a field of clover
    watching out everyday
    I wonder what would happen if you look the other way’


  5. Deborah says:

    Words don’t seem enough at times but it’s all we have in twitterland and I’ll definitely be looking forward to your words any time too soon. All the best.



  6. David Donovan says:

    Dear David, I am so sorry to hear about your illness. My best wishes and thoughts are with you. I really do think you are one of the most brilliant writers around and hope you are around for a lot longer to help elucidate the world for us all with your acute perceptions and scintillating prose.

    Warm regards,


    David Donovan | Managing Editor

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    ‘The journal of democracy and independent thought’

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  7. Eric Snyder says:

    Sorry to read about your “short changing” David! Best wishes (read prayers) for the next battery of treatment that it will be effective and not too hard on your body or mind. Wish I could be there to pop in and banter with you a bit!

    Looking forward to future posts!


  8. I’m so sorry to hear of this turn of events David. Short changed indeed.

    I wish you all the best with what’s coming your way and hope for a good outcome. I also hope we continue to see you on Twitter. As someone else said, I love your posts starting “Have I understood?”.

    I’m sure you’ll be in good hands with your medical team. Please keep us updated and take care.


  9. What can I say, I hope the bastard doesn’t get you this time round, be like Dory in Finding Nemo, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swim swim swim and find that great southern current that will carry you through to the next phase of your search for meaning in the weirdness that is life on earth, best wishes David.


  10. Kerry Seebohm says:

    Get well soon. You are bigger than this thief.


  11. Geoff Andrews says:

    I can only endorse all of the sentiments expressed above, David (even Eric’s!). Maintain your rage and your optimism as you go, once more unto the breach dear friend.


  12. Mara Miller says:

    All the best to you. I appreciate your wit and wisdom on twitter and would like to send you lots of strength and comfort if I could.
    Take care.


  13. If anyone can beat the thief, you can. Pretend it’s a Tory.
    Best wishes, take care


  14. fred says:

    Good luck David, you deserve well.
    Thinking of you.


  15. David I am sending you a large circle of friendship and support for the battle you face
    Best regards for the future


  16. All the best, David. It’s a right proper bastard of a thing.


  17. fairlycirrus says:

    Ah Mr WM, I missed this post by ignoring emails for a few days. Bugger it, WM … that’s rotten news. My kindest thoughts to you. Your wit and wisdom on Twitter will be greatly missed while you get this sorted …


  18. paul walter says:

    Hammer the beggar!


  19. Dearest David, you have indeed been short changed. I think of you every day and send you the best thoughts ever. xxxx


  20. I missed your tweets, so I came here to see what’s been happening. Now I don’t know what to say. Perhaps only that I wish you a quick win in that fight.


  21. David Horton says:

    Thank you all for the lovely comments and support. Very much needed and appreciated.

    Have been on relatively low level treatment since Saturday to try to get glands reducing in size again. Keeps me down but not out. Next two days (Wednesday, Thursday) two rather nasty tests. Next week results, and next Thursday definition of where I’m at and what treatment I’m in for over rest of year.


  22. j4gypsy says:

    David – now I see a little better why you were so sad. Our ethereal arms are around you. As David Donovan says – you are one of the most brilliant writers Oz has. We can’t do without you – not now, and possibly not ever! Hugs. Jan


  23. Mindy says:

    Definitely short changed. Cheering for you.


  24. Buff McMenis says:

    Not sure how I feel about this other than totally pissed off that another nice man is bitten by this bloody disease! HOWEVER .. if I have faith in anyone kicking this to kingdom come it would be you! Sooo, here’s hoping, supporting, sniffling (slightly) and waiting for your treatment/s to give you the remission we all hope it will do! Chin up, and as Vikki says .. pretend it’s a Tory (Oz Style). Luck, my friend.


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