Thief in the Night


That old devil Lymphoma is back, seeking revenge for the nasty things I did to him last year. Seems he sneekily started rummaging around my lymph nodes again in about February, causing all the health problems I’ve had this year, while they, conversely, masked his presence, like a thief in the night under cover of darkness.

So instead of the minimum 3-5 years before recurrence the treatment was meant to ensure, I got just 3-5 months. Feel a bit short-changed, you might say.

More tests next week, the following week a decision about how to urgently deal, necessarily much more aggressively and nastily this time, with the re-intruder, without causing too much damage to the rest of me. A man, after all, is more than the sum of his lymph nodes.

I simply don’t know how much I will feel, mentally or physically, like blogging in the near future. Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.

Take care.