Missed two writing deadlines this week (one of which you should be reading instead of this) which I never do. Have been very unwell. Don’t know if related to my underlying problems or their treatment, or are three symptoms of some nasty unrelated infection, or are fluke coincidence of three separate new problems. Anyway, felt too unwell to write.

Should be adding all kinds of new pithy, witty and wise observations of the passing parade for your delectation and that of the judges of Best Blogs 2012 who will be culling hundreds of blogs this week. But they will just have to be content with 8 years of accumulated blog posts, here I stand I can do no other.

I will write again as soon as I am able. If you follow the blog, or follow me on Twitter you will know instantly I have emerged from my den. But do keep calling on, browsing around, sure there is plenty to keep you entertained. I will try to respond to comments on any older posts or other pieces of writing.

Keep safe and well, see you again soon.