You may say I’m a dreamer


Imagine how different the last four years would have been if the mainstream media had enthusiastically supported the idea of providing a massive increase in school infrastructure, and a big boost to insulating homes to reduce energy costs? If they had got behind the programs, explained their purposes, published anecdotes about happy customers. Imagine if they had explained the seriousness of the GFC in simple terms and the reasons for providing a stimulus. Imagine if they had ignored the phony “protests” of the mining billionaires and explained to the public the reasons for the mining tax and its benefits.

Imagine how different the last year would have been if the mainstream media had got behind the idea of putting a price on carbon. Explained to the public in a series of documentaries, morning shows, talkback radio, the reality of global warming, the measures beginning around the world, the urgency, the need for us to play a part, the benefits of doing so. Imagine if they had promoted the health benefits of plain packaging of cigarettes and the tax on alcopops. Imagine if they had gone into bat against the self-interest of the clubs, and explained the damage of problem gambling and examined the situation in WA. Imagine if they had seriously hammered the cattle industry on animal cruelty and the need to halt exports until resolved.

Imagine if they had been positive about the great breakthrough that having a female prime minister represented. Imagine if they had written positive stories about her rise from humble beginnings and her intelligence, hard work, charm, warmth. Her ability to work with colleagues and independents, the enormous raft of legislation that has been passed in spite of the opposition tactics against a minority government.

Imagine if they had been positive about how well the Labor-Green coalition was working, and compared it to Liberal-National coalitions of the past. Imagine if they had run positive stories about the independents Windsor and Oakeshott and Wilkie, praised their strength of character and independence of mind under great pressure.

Imagine if they had ignored most or all of the foolish publicity stunts by Tony Abbott. If they had seriously examined the policies being pushed by the opposition. Imagine if they had paid attention to the unprecedented damage that opposition tactics were doing to our parliamentary democracy. Imagine if they had turned the spotlight on Tony Abbott Action Man and found out what kind of a person he really is. And the rest of his front bench.

Wonder why they didn’t do any of those things.

Wonder why they did precisely the opposite.

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10 comments on “You may say I’m a dreamer

  1. Snowy says:

    Nice post, David. All we have to do now is imagine that the media’s function is to disseminate unbiased information to enable the people to make an informed decision in a democracy. Instead, we have a propaganda outlet for the interests of big business. Roll on the revolution…


  2. David Horton says:

    Not the fourth estate any more, they see themselves as the first estate, and Rupert as king.


  3. Eric Snyder says:

    Seriously David, why do you think they did it? Money only?


  4. Trev says:

    I couldn’t agree more with everything you’ve said David. You may feel sometimes that you’re a voice crying in the wilderness, but be assured that there are many many of us who feel just as you do about the vile and twisted nature of mainstream media. A wilderness has grown up like prickly pear to engulf newspaper and television communication in this country.


  5. Richard Ure says:

    How do you bring Alan Jones to account? He can talk absolute rubbish and not lose a listener. Much less a sponsor.


  6. fred says:

    Yeah well I was gonna jump and answer this question ;
    “Wonder why they didn’t do any of those things.” point by point 8 times but then, dammit, I saw Snowy’s response which summed it all up in less than a sentence-
    “.. we have a propaganda outlet for the interests of big business.”


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