Easy writing’s vile hard reading


Have been tentatively wondering about adding more short/shortish/medium/long posts in between the regular weekly medium posts and the roughly monthly long ones. You have had a bit of a taste of it with the medical bulletins and the foxhole post lately. On the pro side people turn up here having seen a new post (eg the foxhole one) by chance on the internets, hang around a bit and then disappear again when they see nothing new coming for another week or so. Keeping a more frequent stream going might encourage them to visit more regularly (or the reverse). Now that I have become a kind of Elizabeth Barrett Browning literary figure I am better able, perversely, to give more thought to life, the universe, and all the parallel universes. Sort of like basket weaving for the blogger. On the other hand, especially for my loyal blog subscribers, the thought of having even more stuff coming in through their email or RSS feed may result in groaning audible from one end of the country to the other.

So, always democratic, here is yet another of the famously scientific and serious Watermelon Polls – you vote, we decide (or is it the other way round?). I don’t think you will get flooded with posts, I don’t have an absolutely limitless source of invention, but it would make The Watermelon Blog more of a typical blog and less of a series of carefully constructed (believe it or not) occasional essays. Over to you.